We help your business to reach online customers

Your social media advocates your brand to your digital audiences. That is why social media marketing like Facebook and Instagram ads plays a vital role to grow your business.

How It Works?

01 Your Product/ Services

02 Our Content/ Idea

03 Our Marketing Tools and Strategies

04 Your Business Growth

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become a HubSpot of millions of customers for small businesses. 10 Million Australian users are there on Instagram, using Instagram on a regular basis and thousands of small businesses are already doing Instagram marketing and winning those millions. Why you should lag behind? Why shouldn’t you join the huge Instagram community and scale up your business? If your answer is positive then here we are to support you.

Facebook Marketing

Probably the biggest scale of audience we can have in one single platform. Surprisingly small businesses are creating posters and pamphlets so that they can reach out to only a few people who pass by the streets. But unfortunately, they are missing out on this large volume of people on Facebook who can make a lifetime customer base.
We have already done that job successfully. Up to 10X ROI with a great brand image for small businesses on Facebook. So if you want to see yourself among the business owners who are satisfied with our marketing strategy, hire us today.

Motion Graphics Posters

A colourful poster that moves and dances with music. Yes! Our motion graphics videos make us distinctive from the other digital marketing agency in Melbourne.

Premium Quality Designs

Unique, colourful and attractive. These are the main 3 attributes of our successful poster design which will make your Instagram feed super gorgeous.

Food Videography

If you do this, you are at the peak of digital marketing. Our food videography service will bring your foods to life. Foodies can feel the foods from the screen and won’t be able to resist ordering the foods. Extreme slo-mo camera movements and high-quality editing will set your menu apart.

Ad Campaign

The precise target of the digital audience on social media brings the highest results. Our paid campaigns will reach thousands of your customers and promote your menu to the exact audiences you want.

Exclusive Web Designs

Display your foods in your own style, edit the prices as you want, promote offers or sell them online. Yes, you can do all these within one web platform. Our web design service will set up an online version of your business where you can promote your items and sell both.



$175.00 AUD

per week

10 Posters Per Month

5 Posters - 5 Motion Graphics

Page Management

Dropping Contents

Ad Campaign Run

Free $0 Ad Credit Per Month



$260.00 AUD

per week

16 Posters Per Month

8 Posters - 8 Motion Graphics

Page Management

Dropping Contents

Ad Campaign Run

Free $50 Ad Credit Per Month



$300.00 AUD

per week

20 Posters Per Month

10 Posters - 10 Motion Graphics

Page Management

Dropping Contents

Ad Campaign Run

Free $50 Ad Credit Per Month


An Australian Agency working for the Australian businesses

We understand that businesses in Australia are struggling now due to the global pandemic. The whole nation is at one point now for a great economic comeback. And we are proudly contributing ourselves to this great mission of economic recovery. Damaska Digital has announced an outstanding price off which is up to 50% so that Australian businesses can easily afford digital marketing and grow on larger scales. We believe, though the contribution might seem too small, the impact of this small contribution on the small businesses is so so big.

Damska Digital is proudly supporting Australian Businesses.

Success Strategy

01 Excellent Digital Content

02 Able to Understand Customers

03 Organized Marketing Plan

04 100% Success

Get the Service First, Pay the Service Charge Later!

Damaska Digital believes in a great customer service experience. Service charge is essential for a company when it comes to sustainable service rendering to others. So once both parties come to a mutual agreement, the services will begin as it is but the customer does not have to pay immediately. After 14 days of service rendering, customers can securely pay the service charge for a great service. You only pay after you have received something!

Key Points

01 100% Success Rate

02 Up to 10X Return

03 Secure Payment

04 5 Star Rating


What is the benefit of social media marketing for a small business?

Probably the best and the effective answer to marketing for small businesses is social media marketing. There are millions of potential clients are there and definitely, we don’t want to miss them out. A big reason customers do not buy from you is they don’t know that you even exist in the market. And social media marketing is the best possible way to let people know about your firm existence.

How can I track the success rate of the ad campaign?

Data! Data! and Data!. All the graphs, indicators, numbers along with increasing sales will advocate the higher success rate of our ad campaign.

What returns on investment (ROI)?

It is very difficult to exactly predict the returns since profit margins depend on various matters of a business. For instance, doesn’t matter how great the ad campaigns are, if the services are not up to the mark, the sales rate will go down. But yes, based on our previous success, we can assume if the other sectors of the business are perfect then the ROI will be nearly 10X !!!

Why I should hire Damaska Digital?

Because we are so confident that we are able to give you a premium quality service along with an affordable price range. In most cases, an agency in Melbourne will cost you at least $1500 a month to advertise your business, and here we are ready to serve you with an exact quality service or even better than that by charging almost half of the traditional price.

Do you have any lock in contracts?

NO! We believe our great teamwork effort will automatically convince our customers to come back to us again and again. We do not need to tie them up with contracts. If they are not happy with our service we must let them leave.