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Our Process

Your business needs a team of creatives, ads experts & tech masterminds to deliver consistent return on investment with digital marketing. We can help. We’re obsessed with generating results & we do this by focusing on the 4 key elements of any successful marketing strategy.


Audience Research

Our expert team is continuously researching your client’s behaviour of purchase which gives you certainty about the plan and the contents you are creating. These data are so helpful in terms of improving, updating and representing your services in front of your clients.


Powerful Digital Contents

Based on the data we have, we create obvious contents to make sure our ads never miss the target we have made.


Organised Distribution

This is the most important part for which we use multiple social channels to promote your business to potential clients. And since the ads have been already created based on organised data, It performs very well.


Lead Generation

This is the ultimate success stage. Get ready to receive the leads and convert them into sales, Retarget the audiences which you think have a high potentiality to become your future clients.

Our Skills

Cinematic Video Advertising


Web Design


Social Media Advertising


Animation & Motion Graphics


Logo Design/Digital Posters


Professional Photography


MD Khalid

Ceo/Managing Director | Damaska Digital Australia

A great calculated marketing strategy can get you great revenue from your niche market even though you have thousands of competitors. Since a very few brands can connect with their clients emotionally.


About Us

Your Clients get confused while they notice there are hundreds of service provider or products in the market for the service they are looking for. Out of hundreds, they have to choose only one. Now, what filter do they use before they choose one?

Basically, they read the story of your brand knowingly or unknowingly. They judge your brand based upon that story and decide whether they will invest in you or not. If they see the value in you, they will pay you otherwise “so expensive” excuse is always ready there.

It doesn’t matter how great you are as a storyteller or as a salesperson Because you will definitely be not there while your customer is judging you, choosing you, avoiding you.

You need your brand to talk, you need your brand to communicate and advocate for you. And in this digital age communicating through digital advertising through social media is the golden key to attract clients.

So, what should you be looking for in terms of business advertising?

Someone who,

- Brings you plenty of leads.
- Knows your customers.
- Analyses the demographics.
- knows the local surroundings.
- showcases the value of your business.
- sets a distinctive image from your competitor.

So here we are, Damaska Digital Australia is all set to do eagle promotion of your brand including all the potentials mentioned above. Get ready to set a new business yearly revenue goal. Because all you are going to experience in the journey with Damaska Digital Australia is the massive sales increase. The triumph of success has been widespread in much victorian Real estate Business, Education agencies and Restaurants. And now it is your business time by this simply clicking the button below.

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